Did you attend ePIFanyNow’s Pass It Forward event?  Please share your story with us!  We want to hear about hour your generosity affected you as well as the recipient.

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  1. Today, we felt that animals (as well as people) could use some random acts of kindness. We stopped by our local Meijer and bought items to take to the Capital Area Humane Society. We took collars, chew toys, cleaning supplies and guinnea pig food out to the animals. We got to walk and play with some of the dogs. Patty (one of the board members of CAHS) was also present and showed us around. She was at the ePIFany event too and was excited to see us.

    On the way back to the event, we saw a family playing while waiting for the city bus. We stopped and gave them a box of valentine’s day chocolates.

    The day was great fun and we can’t wait to have our own ePIFany event in Laingsburg in June. Thanks for all your hard work Bob!

  2. Kris Tennant and the Webberville Varsity Girls Basketball Team says:

    This event inspired another similar opportunity for our team as they recognized the value of kindness and warm expressions of appreciation. Because of the inspiration of this event, our team hosted an “Angels Among Us” night the week preceeding this event. Our team honored 10 community volunteers and we celebrated a night with them. Our team of high school students made the appetizers, dinner and dessert and celebrated their voluntary actions. It was a wonderful night and we finished with not a dry eye in the house. Thank you for your inspiration!

    First, we went to Burger King and paid for 3 patrons meals. We then delivered a tray of goodies to the East Lansing Fire Department, then the Police Department and then we went a local shopping area and handed out bags of goodies and bottles of water to people waiting at a bus stop. The girls then gathered grocery carts and returned them to the local Kroger store. We then went on to Sparrow Hospital where we delivered trays of goodies to the security department, the volunteers in our gift shop, Rehab Services, and then to the Emergency Department. This remains an event that is inspirational and fills the cup of every individual who is involved. We are proud to be a part of such a wonderful gathering. This event allows us to teach valuable lessons to our young ladies. Thank you Bob!

  3. Lee Klekotka says:

    I am a stay at home mom of 2 special needs children and money is extremely tight. My husband works his tail off trying to provide for our family but still things are tight. We came home today 2/12/12 and my neighbor told us that some people left a lot of groceries (close to $200 worth if I had to guess) for our family. To those who did this for my family, thank you so much. The food will definately bless our family for several weeks.

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